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We (Mediclox) acknowledge and maintain your privacy, importance, and trust in us. We need to maintain users’ data for our website improvement, and if you do not agree to our terms and conditions, you may not access our website or services. Before using our website services, please read all terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Agreement

By agreeing to terms and conditions, we collect your basic information like name, contact number, address, email, billing details, etc. This agreement ensures that we use your data for our website improvement and we do not share this data with a third party, so your data will be safe with us. This agreement may be improved at any time by us without specific notice or notification to you.


Our products or medicines, design, content, magnetic translation, conversation, etc. matters related to our services are protected under the USA and International copyrights. If you are trying to copy or distribute any kind of medicine then action will be taken against you and your account and data will be blocked from our website. So, we request you to agree to our terms and conditions please read them carefully.

Third-Party Authorities

For us, user privacy is very important and your information is stored in our database. We keep your data very confidential and do not share it with any kind of third-party authorities. You can access your data anytime, our website is completely safe and secure. Your password, images, videos, billing details, payment details, and any kind of post are saved in our database. You can see your data by entering your password on our website, we will verify your account by sending you links or confirmation messages but we assure you, that your data never be shared with any kind of third-party website or company


To use our services, you must create an account on our website with basic information. We will verify your data that help us to block malicious persons from the website. When you order medicines from our website, you do not need to share information again, we will deliver the order to your home directly which saves time. Registered data will be saved in our secured database.


The users are banned from sharing anything illegal. If you spread anything illegal then your account will be removed from our website and you can not access our services after that action will be taken against you. So, we request you please do not share or post any information that can be specious or illegal.


Cookies are a small amount of information that is stored on your local computer. Cookies help us improve and modify our services and through the cookies, we know what product or medicine services you want and after that we suggest you. We use your cookie data to send only required information to you and we do not misuse your information. We declare that medicines or services are shown to you only based on your search queries, we do not advise you to take medicines directly.


You can share your basic personal information through our website because our website is secured with HTTPS protocol that ensures that our website is secured and trusted, Hackers can not access or steal your information. Our security team ensures and tries to remove any kind of malicious activity if someone tries to log into your account. We will send you a confirmation message If you confirm that confirmation message then you can access your data.

Medical Advice

This service is designed for your educational purpose only. Our company offers an e-commerce platform for medicine supplies and you should not take it as advice. We do not recommend or endorse any specific tests, products, procedures, or opinions mentioned on the website. First, you can consult your doctor or specialist for your health after that you can order your medicine through our website, and we will deliver medicines to your home at very genuine rates.


If you have agreed to allow your minor child to use our medical services then you agree that you shall be solely responsible for Monitoring, such as the minor’s access to and use of our medical services.

User’s Right

You have the right to delete your account from our website, you can simply delete your account on your own or contact the team via our website and request them to delete your account. Your data will be erased from our database after your authentication.


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