Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy states that we collect your basic information through our website and we use this data to improve our customer service. We (Mediclox) acknowledge and maintain users’ privacy, importance, and trust in us. Your data is safe with us and we assure you, that your data is not shared with any kind of third-party app or company.

Why do we collect your data?

When you use our services, we collect your basic information like Name, Address, Phone number, Email, Billing details, etc. You do not share your ATM PIN, Credit Card details, or Any kind of documents, etc. The purpose of this basic information is to provide delivery as accurately as possible. If you have any issues with our medical services then your data like billing details help us to solve your issue regarding our services.


The registration process is very important to use our medical services, it helps us to block malicious persons or any kind of wrong activity from our website and we ensure your data is safe in our database. When you create your account on our website, we will verify your information by sending an OTP or Verification code. When you order your medicine, you do not need to enter your basic details again, we deliver your order to your address directly in a short period.

Changes in Policy

We update our privacy and policy from time to time, It helps us to improve our medical services. To improve our services, we use your basic information, and when we update or change privacy and policy, we will not notify you directly. You will need to check our official website for updates on privacy policy and terms & conditions.

Cancellation Policy

When you order any kind of medicine and you want to return it and get a refund then this policy is helpful. In Cancellation Policy, we will refund your money in 7 days but if you return or cancel your order after 7 days then your money is not refundable. So, cancellation is only acceptable within 7 days.


Cookies are very helpful to improve our website services. A cookie is a small piece of information or data that is stored in your local computer. When you enter your login details to use our services, Cookies automatically store your information, and you do not need to enter your details next time. We use these cookies to help increase your experience and do not use these in any other way.


Our website is protected with HTTPS protocol which ensures that the website is secured from any type of malicious activity, and your data is safely stored on our database. Our team keeps an eye on malicious activity and blocks all types of hackers from the website who try to enter our system. But despite all these measures, we do not give any kind of guarantee regarding malicious software.
Reviews / Feedback
You can share your feedback or thoughts through our website and can post reviews regarding your experience with our medical services. It might be helpful for new customers who visit our website.

User’s Right

You can delete your account from our website if you do not want our online medical services. You can also request our team and your account be removed from our database after your authentication.

Contact Us

We are available 24/7 hours at your service, you can contact our team via phone number or mail at any time.


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